Screen Printing

At the moment I can only print a one screen design.

I use water based ink so that after the first washing you will not be able to fell  the print on the fabric.

This will aslo reduce the intesity of the print but I print black on dark colors with good results. however you cannot print white on dark colors.

This ink can only be printed on 100% cotton.

Printing cost:

There is a one time screen charge of $25.00 Future orders of the same image will not include this fee.

Large front or back print       $3.00 per piece

Small breast or sleeve print   $1.50 per piece

Art fees:

If you send me a black and white image either through email or regular mail there is no art fee, just the screen charge

 Other wise art cost is $35.00 hr. (I can usually create a logo for around $150.00 - $160.00)

Final cost of shirts: Please refer to this page for final cost. If you only have a small print then subtract $3.00 from those costs or If you only have a Large print then sutract $1.50 from those costs.

I can also Get Hanes Tees For 25 cents less per shirt however  they have far fewer color chioces.